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What specifically is Carbon Copy Pro? Well in contrast to popular opinion it isn't really a enterprise opportunity. Carbon Copy Pro is a marketing system designed by Jay Kubassek to market the Wealth Masters International home based business opportunity.

Carbon Copy Pro is a funded proposal type marketing system patterned right after the Reverse Funnel System utilised to market Global Resorts Network. Basically it is a funded proposal system which in turn markets the business opportunity and then requires an application fee to uncover the particulars on the business opportunity.

The claim from Carbon Copy Pro is that the system does most of the work in order that customers do not have to advertise or even contact their leads. This is done supposedly by simply buying into their lead generation and using the call centre, which subsequently contacts the leads and closes the sales.

When you become a member with carbon copy pro review you get complete rights to all their marketing tools. This includes websites, lead capture pages, emails and even more. These resources were gathered by professional copywriters and marketers so they're worthwhile and the primary reason for the monthly cost.

You must realise, however, that just purchasing the program is not enough. Once you have everything set up your job will be to drive traffic to your site. Regardless, then of what people say when they are trying to sell you this, there is quite a bit of work to do and a considerable investment to make.

You will not only have to find cost effective ways to promote but it would be extremely beneficial for you to do more than the bare bones. You'll quickly understand that the really successful Carbon Copy Pro marketers have worked out ways to distinguish themselves from the rest.

A funded proposal marketing system such as Carbon Copy Pro has quite a short period of time when they are genuinely productive. The notion of an application fee to gain access to the comprehensive information is very limited in the present-day market because the majority of people will arrive at the stage of the application fee then merely google Carbon Copy Pro and immediately learn what they are advertising without ever viewing the actual business presentation.

Our specialists all agree that gimmick systems like Carbon Copy Pro commonly have roughly a 4 to 6 month span of success. Carbon Copy Pro has revealed the very same outcomes.

The chart as shown below crafted by Alexa shows the traffic on oneyearplan (the engine that contains the carboncopypro review system). All the promotional pages are included within oneyearplan. The level of traffic is numerically proportional to the number of users of the system.

Carbon Copy Pro was launched in mid October of 2007. The early traffic can be seen at point 1. The traffic illustrates a reasonably steady growth until the peak at point 2 in January of 2008. At the four month point of February, the traffic not only stopped growing but in fact took a considerable drop and stayed fairly steady until the 6 month point in April. Following six months the traffic continually fell until July at point 3 to a level marginally over the pre-launch traffic.

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Carbon Copy Pro

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