Copywriting tips in order to create a catchy headline

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Copywriting is essential for online marketing success. Some internet marketing campaigns, in fact, can attribute almost all of their success to the copy used in their promotion. There is no denying that you will make more sales if your sales copy is good. We will now look at some proven copywriting tactics that you can use in your own campaigns.

When writing sales copy, it's important not to get carried away with hype. Very often, a copywriter will ruin a basically good message by using too much hype. You can tell people the value of a high quality product and it will mostly sell itself. People prefer to be given real reasons why they should buy something rather than overinflated statements. All sales copy uses some hype, but make sure you also give people real information they can use. People are only looking at your sales copy because they want to learn something about your product so they can decide if they want it. Readers will have more trust in your product if your approach is helpful and conversational.

You should also not use too many bold headlines or italics. Use it only when you have to make a really strong point. You don't want to use them too much though. When used too much, it has a phony look. You definitely don't want your copy to carry this message. So remember to be honest and forthright in your writing. Write copy that you would enjoy reading yourself. You also have to remember that your reader is not really interested in your product's features, it's the benefits he cares about. No matter how good your product's features may be, the customer is only interested in what it can do for him. People are not interested in how your product works, but more in how it will benefit them. Just make sure that you list a benefit every time you mention a feature.

Besides that, when your prospect talks about your product to his friends and family (word of mouth) he/she won't talk about the features but will only talk about how beneficial the product is. The benefits are what make people want your product, even though the features are certainly important as well. The benefits will stand out in your copy if you list them with bullet points.

Another copywriting tip to keep in mind is that it's always better to be specific. You should use this in all of your copy, from the headline to the sub headlines to the entire body. Readers will not appreciate vague or general comments about a product or service. In order to make a buying decision and to actually believe in the solution you're offering, you have to give away specific points that explain things in a detailed way. It makes your copy more believable and increases the trust factor. There are exceptions, but in most cases your best approach is to be generous with targeted facts and details.

At the end don't let a sale slip away from you. By writing a good copy you can increase your profits. After all this is business.


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Copywriting tips in order to create a catchy headline

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This article was published on 2011/04/13