How to Write a Powerful Headline

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Why is it that sales copy is more or less forgotten when people start marketing online.  I wonder if they think the internet is really a different animal than offline marketing.  I am of the opinion that writing good sales copy is just about the most important skill you can have, regardless of which marketing medium.

So, what is good sales copy online?  It is the same as it is offline, but perhaps just a bit shorter and more concise as people tend to scan online more so than if they have paper in front of them. 

Strong sales copy always begins with a powerful headline.  Eighty percent of your time should be spent on developing the strongest headline possible.  There are many schools of thought on how long a headline should be.  Some believe it should be less than 7 or 9 words, whereas others believe it could be as long as a whole paragraph.

I’m with the latter camp.  If the copy is compelling enough at the start of the headline, there is absolutely no reason the reader will stop reading prior to the end of the long copy headline.  And if that is true, you have plenty of room to develop your message and make it clear that which your prospect is going to get from buying from you.

You want this headline to do a couple things.  The first is to tap into your prospect’s inner deep thoughts in the form of identifying their dominant problem, fear, or goal and to offer a big way to get them what they want.  This offer has to almost stretch the limits of what is possible or it loses punch right off the bat.  So, there is a fine line you walk.  You don’t want to paint blue sky, but you don’t want to be just like someone else either.

The next is to weave in a benefit statement.  Sound familiar?  What and how will the prospect feel when they solve this problem?  Identify this for them and it will go a long way to the success of your headline.

Now that you have a powerful headline, it greases the skids for the rest of your sales copy, your offer, and the overall success of your landing page.

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How to Write a Powerful Headline

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How to Write a Powerful Headline

This article was published on 2011/11/11