Selecting True Copy Kings

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Dedicated Copy Kings write by a code of ethics. If, not, they should. A bad copywriter will drain your marketing budget. The type of copywriter you select will determine at least three things: How well your dollar is spent, how well your copy is composed and whether your copy will move buyers to action- buying action or making referrals to your business.

Would you rather have a good copywriter who bills you reasonably or one who overcharges you for mediocre copy jobs? This article is written to help individuals, business owners and creative teams become aware of what to consider before spending money on a copywriter.

A skilled copy king, or queen should have the following qualities:

Value-Orientation. A good copywriter understands value. He or she will have practice at building your product or services value into the copy. Words that spell out value for your potential customers will be the conduit that creates the buying and selling relationship. Customers will know when they read your ad, article or book that their satisfaction precedes all else.

Business knowledge. Knowledge is always king, especially in this down economy. The best copywriter to draft your offering will likely be one who has knowledge or experience in your business. Or they will have some relative contacts. Research is great but experience can go a long way to providing awareness of potential pitfalls.

Cooperative Communication. The copywriter you select should have good listening skills. They need to listen for at least two reasons: First, to hear what you want and second, to hear what you don't want. Of course, you should aim to consider the copywriters professional opinion. For success, the two of you will merge your desires and their professional writing skills to create the effective copy to reach your goals.

Compelling Copy Skills. Regardless of the length of time a copywriter has been writing- six months or twenty years- their copy should be compelling. It should cause a quake in the readers mind when they read it. The copy should first compel you. If it doesn't compel you there is a problem. If you don't want to buy after reading the copy, neither will your prospects. First you must be convinced. Compelling copy will make you believe the product or service is deliverable, and then it will do the same for your potential buyers.

Remember these key phrases when ordering the services of a copywriter: Value orientation, business knowledge, cooperative communication, and compelling copy ideas. A copy king or queen will possess these qualities. A copy professional whose copy messages deliver on these promises is likely to produce sizzling copy. Above all else, sizzling copy will first make you want to buy then your clients will follow suit.

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Selecting True Copy Kings

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This article was published on 2010/03/31