The Secret on How to Copy Wii Disks

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More and more people are dying to know how to copy Wii disks or how to make backup copies. Even rich people actually want to know how this thing is done because Wii disks are really expensive and it is not practical to keep on buying new ones if the old ones get worn out. Discs are very susceptible to wear and tear especially if they are borrowed or used a lot. The general recommendation is that you borrow discs from your friends, copy them for your own personal use, and just store the original copy.

It is very simple how to copy Wii disks. You just need a few tools to complete the process and you should be fine. Be warned, though, that copying disks is not free. You will also need to spend a little amount of money. However, you do not need to frown because this is a very smart investment. All you need to buy is a software program that can read and decrypt the Wii disk encryption. You also need to buy a DVD-ROM drive.

Once you have the software program installed, all you need to do is to insert the disc and let it do the work. Of course, you also need to have blank discs where you can store the games. It is easy to learn how to copy Wii disks. The program will guide you on every step of the way and you do not even need to have technical background or knowledge.

If you are lucky, you will find programs that will show you how to copy Wii disks and these programs are for free. However, these programs will not be free all the time. These are just trial packs for about 30 days. In time, your license will expire and you will need to pay.

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The Secret on How to Copy Wii Disks

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This article was published on 2010/03/29