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Lots of people questioned whether the performance, features, and user experience on the copy cell phone, knock offs, or clone phones are good or bad. The answer typically depends upon the copy cell phone that is being asked about. There is a wide range in the quality of these phones, like iPhone copy, Nokia copy. Some of the no-name models are buggy, heavy, non responsive, and slow. But some of the better known models are of a very high quality and give the original models a real run for their money.

One way to tell the quality of iPhone copy that you are considering is to check review videos as well as the feedback of consumers that have bought the exact same copy cell phone that you are considering. You can sometimes see the lag in many of these videos as the user has to keep running his finger along the touch screen. You can also usually see the lack in quality of the screen's resolution, the firmware, and in the materials used in the construction of Nokia copy phone. And, you really should not have to settle for a phone that doesn't have all of the features that you want. Many of the top models are loaded. A good indication of a phone with high customer satisfaction is a seller with great positive feedback, particularly as it relates to the model that you are looking for.

Also, unless you just see stellar feedback and a high amount of buyers on a "no name brand" or less known model, there's usually a reason for this. In my experience, it's not a coincidence that more people opt for the well known brands. I believe that this is because these company's have proven their quality and relevancy over time. Many have also shown that they have the ability to provide the support and the innovations that keep consumer interest up.

An example is one of the "good" replicas is iPhone copy. This phone has been a best seller for well over a year (even though there have been several versions and upgrades of this model.) This model has nearly everything that the original on which it's based has. In addition to supporting java, Bluetooth, web browsing, texting, MP3s and MP4s, this phone has a good camera and web cam, reads PDFs and other productivity files, has a built in radio, and has the capability to support two sim cards.

So yes you can email text, web browse, listen to and record music, and watch and record video. You can down load and play java games and applications and transfer data via Bluetooth or micro SD card. And these phones are generally well under $100, but even that doesn't even give you the complete idea of how much money you will save. Because the real savings will generally come over the life of the phone. These phones accept GSM sim cards including pre paid and pay as you go cards. This was a big deal at first because it kept you from making an expensive commitment. But, this is still a big deal because there's now a decent amount of all inclusive pre paid sim cards that include talk, text and web for a discounted price now available. You typically renew your card monthly as needed without any commitment.

There are both good models and not so good models when it comes to Nokia copy and iPhone copy. You can usually tell the difference by research, videos, feedback and by the popularity of the phone. The consumer market is usually a surprisingly good indicator of perceived performance.
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This article was published on 2010/12/07