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Why do people visit websites? Like most people, you might say "to find stuff."

Stuff is mostly information, descriptions, reviews and articles - it's copy. Copy that helps you learn, causes you to react to something or prompts you to buy...

So if most people visit websites for copy, why is it that around 95% of sites display obvious typos, scary words, horrific grammar and (gasp) apostrophe violations?

Worse, most copy doesn't even inspire people to buy. In fact, it scares most people away.

Build it and they will come - or maybe not

You can build a website for free - just Google 'free website'. But anyone who's serious about making money will usually invest in a design agency to ensure their website matches their brand and looks professional. Think about your copy in the same way; anyone can string sentences together and create copy, but will the result compel your online customers to buy? It's really important stuff.

Why good website copy is crucial.

It converts more sales - full stop. Marketing Experiments (global website optimization experts) advise marketers to test copy before they test anything else. Why? Because copy often provides the most significant conversion uplift in any website test.

It complements design. Think about design is simple and navigation is logical. And the copy? It's simple, fuss-free and easy to understand.

It helps you to rank higher. People like linking to good content. And linking is one of the biggest factors in SEO. Connect the dots - great website copy helps you rank higher on major search engines like Google.

How to improve your website copy

- Keywords. Use Wordtracker or Google to find the best keywords for you
- Sub-headers. These break your copy into manageable chunks
- Bullet points. Bullets grab attention, so try to include your key benefits
- Word count. Limit copy to 400 words per page - any more will overwhelm
- Simple navigation. Keep it simple, logical and easy to scan

Does your website copy have the right stuff?

People who visit your website want something. Does your copy compel them to buy it - then and there?

If the answer is no, it's easily fixed. First, it's vital you realize the importance of copy - it really can increase your profits considerably. Then invest in a decent copywriter. And sort out those apostrophes - your future profit depends on it!

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Website Copy Is King

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This article was published on 2010/03/29