Why Copy Content Fails

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Good copy - Bad Copy. Both exist. The writer can control both. The user can impact both. The reader decides the final outcome. Is your copy good or bad? Is it bringing you new customers and more business from old customers?

A prudent investor who invests using the Fundamental Analysis method knows something about the products he invests in. The investor- be he an expert or not- usually will have one or more key sources of information, primary or secondary, with which to verify the reliability of an investment.

You should treat copywriting by a similar approach. Operate as a player in your copywriting projects. Have confidence in your copywriter for hire but learn to develop your eye for spotting compelling copy. You can go one step further by having one or two sources against which to compare good and bad copy. Why? Because there are four top reasons copy fails to sell services and products.

It's dry. Smashing copy is not dull. It uses keywords and phrases that are engaging. They may or may not be entertaining but they must engage. Try the following ideas on for engaging:

"Award winning" sounds better than simply "Awarded". "Voted 1st in its class" sounds better than Number One". "Recommended by XZY," sounds better than "Endorsed by XYZ"

Copy that is engaging to read is copy that generates buzz- the buzz that develops new business.

It's uninspiring. Copy at its heart and core must be motivating. It should be constructed to get positive results. This is where its motivating forces arise. The objective is to get results for the writer, the user, and the reader. Great copy should motivate from three angles. If it doesn't motivate it doesn't deliver.

It's hard to read. Copy that fails is often hard to read. Thick paragraphs are not only rough on the eyes but can bore readers as well. Either of these flaws can lose the reader and make it plum difficult to get the message from the copy.

It has no call to action. In this down economy it's a rare occasion when prospects will go above and beyond to decipher a poorly written or composed ad just so they can spend money on products marketed to them. Be certain to ask them to do something. For best results, ask them to buy, sample or order something.

The only thing sloppy and poorly written copy delivers is inconveniences. Readers are turned off and confused by bad copy. Marketing with good copy will increase the probability of your copy generating business for you.

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Why Copy Content Fails

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This article was published on 2010/04/01