Write Your Postcard Copy With Enthusiasm

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Writing can be exhausting. No, it's not the same physically exhausting work that roofing or waitressing can be. But, to produce effective copy, you absolutely must write enthusiastically. And that means you have to give of yourself. Your postcard campaign deserves - demands in fact - that you write from a position of pure enthusiasm.

To ensure that your copy is effective, you might even say you have to approach your writing with a certain degree of passion. If you're sitting snickering at this seemingly silly idea, don't. If you can't generate a certain amount of excitement about your service - in this case your real estate investing service - how could you possibly expect any other person to be excited?

Consider the mindset of the average person reading your postcard. These days there exists a general cynicism about advertising in general. Couple this with a person's natural resistance to the very idea of selling a family home - no matter how dire his finances might be. You must be enthusiastic . . . highlight the benefits . . . create how this transaction can actually transform his life into something better.

In other words, you must - in order to be effective - create enough enthusiasm to overcome your reader's natural hesitancy and cynicism toward advertising in general . . . as well as any personal objections to your offer.

When you create a passion for your product - as a real estate investor this would be the idea of selling a house and starting over - you'll undoubtedly touch something within your reader's spirit. When you reach this point with your words, then your customer will be inextricably drawn to action. Guaranteed!

Remember, though, I said at the beginning that copywriting can be exhausting. In fact, this is a great way to test your writing. If you're not even a little bit tired when you're through creating your copy, then maybe you haven't generated enough enthusiasm.

Another valuable way of testing the true enthusiastic nature of your copy is to set it aside overnight. That's right! Write it one day and just let it "settle" until the next. The following day pull it out. Reread it. Does it still sound as good as it did the day before.

Don't be too disappointed if it didn't. Many times, even for those professional copywriters who have been in the business for years, the copy fails this "overnight" test miserably.

That doesn't mean you need to totally give up. Failure, as you know, is not an option. No you salvage what you can, tweak the copy where you need to and keep on writing. Then again, you set it aside overnight and come back to it.

You may find after the "overnight' test that you only need to create a few transitional phrases or rev up a few verbs to create a brighter, more vivid image. Great. If you're satisfied after this minor editing, then you're ready to take it to the printer.

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Write Your Postcard Copy With Enthusiasm

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This article was published on 2010/03/27