Writing Copy That Users Can Understand

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Why do so many sales messages seem confused about what they are selling? Writing copy that confuses potential buyers must lose businesses a bazillion...

Because In the end we know a confused person will never buy.

And this is why your copy must be clear and easily understood. It gives you a competitive advantage, and in today's marketplace we need every leverage point we can get, don't we?

Good sales writing reads like a good story - when writing copy it has a beginning, a middle and an end. Make it newsy, so the story sticks in your buyers mind. Get to the point fairly fast - you don't want your buyer reading it just for entertainment - they have to do something!

There is a natural flow to your sales story, and it must be clear and concise as to why the buyer should buy, and then compel him to take the most wanted action. Acting during the story is good (because he is too excited to finish reading it) and most definitely must happen at the end of your sales story.

There are a number of tricks to use so your copy flows and is clear.
Transitions are very important
- if they are awkward the copy sort of stops -

Sometimes pattern interrupts are useful, but usually you want the reader to move through your story at a good pace.

Maybe you need to rearrange the flow, or add a heading or subhead or even another sentence or paragraph.

The style is important - a relaxed friendly and natural style is best without use of slang or chattiness. Your written language has to be precise, even concise.

Use short words, short sentences, and lots of white space when writing copy - the personal touch. Friendly copy means your business is friendly - an outfit they will definitely wish to do business with.

However, vary sentence length when writing copy.

Paragraph length too.

Because writing gets monotonous if you don't vary it.

Personal pronouns are another way to make your copy warm and inviting. Which means the reader will more likely pay attention to it. After all the word "you" means we are talking to the buyer one on one, and to no one else.

When you are writing copy, being specific is what it's all about...

People want information that helps them make a buying decision and all the flowery words in the world won't help your potential buyer. If the doodad does 1,257 thingies an hour, say so instead of "...it does around 1200 an hour...". These specifics stick in your buyers mind. Are remembered. And sell.

Finally, a good revision trick is ask yourself as you read each sentence, "Would I actually SAY this?"

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Writing Copy That Users Can Understand

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This article was published on 2010/03/27